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By Admin on May, 27 2017

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The history of the struggle, actualisation and creation of Abia State cannot be re-written. The sacred fact was and remain that NDE ABIRIBA were in the forefront of the struggle both at the political level i.e Chief Nnanna Kalu, Chief John Inyiri Okam, Chief Obewu Ukaegbu Onwuka, Ezeogo Anagha Ezikpe, Rtd. Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe etc. Were in the forefront of the struggle.

One of the greatest consideration and argument for the creation of State is 'ECONOMIC VIABILITY' and over 300 industries and businesses owned by NDE ABIRIBA provided the. conviction for the creation of Abia State as an economically viable State i.e Star Paper mills, Dubic brewery, Onwuka Hi-Tech, Rosie's garments, Falcon bottling company, Interland Resources, Kan biscuits, Palmers, O-mang International, Nokoson West Africa, Chicoco West Africa, Ezra International, Kunex Industries, Bourdex Group, BYC, to mention but a few. It is on record that out of 55 functional industries in Aba in the 80's, NDE ABIRIBA built 52. Nobody can erase the record that the first 3 storey and 5 storey building to be erected in Aba was by Chief Ukuku Ebe and Ezra International respectively (NDE ABIRIBA). NDE ABIRIBA has contributed immensely and in no small measure in the overall development of our dear State especially the prestigious Enyimba city.

Now, having contributed this much, what can NDE ABIRIBA boast of in the distribution and sharing of political offices and developmental projects in Abia State? Governor (Non), Deputy Governor (Non), Speaker (Non), Deputy Speaker (non), Executive Chairman Ohafia LGA (Non), Upper and Lower chambers at the federal level was same except the botched senator Onyeka term and the current Rtd. Hon. Ossy Prestige which was achieved by NDE ABIRIBA by taking their destiny in their own hands. In the words of Chief David Onuoha Ogba (Bourdex), "NDE ABIRIBA has remained political manures". NDE ABIRIBA supports and finances people from other communities to political limelight.

In the last general election, NDE ABIRIBA paraded highly popular and qualified candidates i.e Chief David Onuoha Ogba (Bourdex), Chief Ossy Prestige, Chief Nnamdi Iro Orji and Sir Abraham U. Oba. All ABIRIBA candidates were of the PDP, the ruling party and were eminently qualified to represent the good people of Abia even with the huge support and patronage the then Governor got from NDE ABIRIBA, he refused to allow for a level play ground and did not see any ABIRIBA candidate as worthy of PDP ticket. The then Governor treated NDE ABIRIBA with disdain and skimmed all ABIRIBA candidate out of the PDP primaries. As if denying all of them ticket was not enough, NDE ABIRIBA felt that they should have input (no matter how little), on who represent them as member of the State House of Assembly (Ohafia North) since it rotates between NDE ABIRIBA and their Nkporo brothers. Let it be on record that Hon. Mandela Obasi is a son of the soil and NDE ABIRIBA are proud of his exploits and achievement but the then Governor and his cohorts nearly put an ABIRIBA son on collision course with his people by super-imposing Hon. Mandela as the ABIRIBA candidate without. any atom of consultation and input from NDE ABIRIBA. All is history; an ABIRIBA son, Hon. Mandela is in the house of Assembly.

In view of the above, it is not out of place for NDE ABIRIBA to take their destiny in their own hands. NDE ABIRIBA took a decision and refused to allow the whims of one man and his family decide the political fate of USUKPAM; a people that staked so much in the Abia project and deserve to hold and be treated fairly in the Abia equation. The decision of NDE ABIRIBA paid off; Rtd. Hon. Ossy Prestige and Hon. Sir Abraham U. Oba are in the National House of Representatives and Abia State House of Assembly respectively. Chief David Onuoha Ogba and Chief Nnamdi Iro Orji were not successful but they proved the 'ONYE ABIRIBA' in them. NDE ABIRIBA were not against the candidature of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu but the ABIRIBA political destiny was at stake and NDE ABIRIBA decided not to succumb to the whims and allow one man who was no where when the struggle for the creation of Abia State was in top gear decide the destiny of NDE ABIRIBA. NDE ABIRIBA decamped en-masse to the opposition party to define themselves and their political destiny. To buttress the argument that NDE ABIRIBA had nothing against Dr. Ikpeazu's candidature or NDE NGWA, there is need to examine the role of majority of NDE ABIRIBA during the 'OTU ONU' struggle. More so, NDE ABIRIBA sees Aba as home and invest in the city against the attitude of some people who goes back to their community to build factories. Even with the exodus of NDE ABIRIBA to other political parties, there were still some NDE ABIRIBA who worked tirelessly for the victory of Dr. Ikpeazu because NDE ABIRIBA believes in Abia charter of Equity.  The writer shared the sentiment of his people but worked tirelessly for the victory of Dr. Ikpeazu; investing his time, money and energy.

NDE ABIRIBA must be given a fair share of Abia dividend because they invested a lot to realise the Abia project. The time for NDE ABIRIBA to harvest the fruit of their labour begins now. NDE ABIRIBA, if we don't say; 'Here We Are' nobody will say 'There You Are'

NDE ABIRIBA at home (Nigeria) and close West African countries must sacrifice and come home for the ongoing voters registration exercise. We must take advantage of our highly disciplined and structured age grade system, ACIU, AWCO and INYIMOKA/UMON to enforce "ABIRIBA MUST REGISTER MANDATE" NDE ABIRIBA can use the leadership of the above traditional institutions to enforce compliance by their members. The seriousness and emphasis NDE ABIRIBA attach to sustaining our rich and flamboyant cultural heritage/practices such as Izara Efa, Iza Obu, Igwa-Mang and Ime Uche must be extended to political activities especially the ongoing voters registration exercise. NDE ABIRIBA in diaspora must also be committed to doing the needful once the diaspora voting is launched by the federal government.

NDE ABIRIBA must find a way to settle their communal differences and restore the ABIRIBA spirit, NDE ABIRIBA were known for. Even if and when there are little issues, we must realise that our political destiny is tied together and learn how to shun communal/parochial interest for a common course to place ABIRIBA on the map for the right reasons.

NDE ABIRIBA must support their own for the House of Assembly, Senate and House of Representatives come 2019, Ohafia LGA Chairmanship come 2018, Abia Governorship come 2023 and even Presidency come 2019/2023. NDE ABIRIBA have capable men and women with the political muscle to ascend any position with the assurance of transforming the State and federation using the ABIRIBA model.

NDE ABIRIBA must reach out to other communities, LGA's, Zones, and people from other states; reminding them of NDE ABIRIBA support and partnership; of the age long NDE ABIRIBA political 'MANURE-SHIP' to Dr. M.I. Okpara, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dee Sam Mbakwe, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, Dr. T. A. Orji, and Sen. Enyi Abaribe. NDE ABIRIBA must also bring to light their contributions towards the development of Abia State, Igbo Land and Nigeria in general.

NDE ABIRIBA must support and be seen to be supporting the Governor of the State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu in his efforts to develop the state and always use all available means to remind the Governor of the contributions, efforts, commitment and Love of NDE ABIRIBA towards the creation and development of our dear State.

NDE ABIRIBA must invest in setting-up formidable political machinery and people oriented structures, inspiring ABIRIBA youths to get involved in meaningful and purposeful political activities especially educating ABIRIBA people on the need to register and vote during elections.

I challenge the ABIRIBA political class, intelligentsia, entrepreneurs and business moguls, traditional rulers and institutions, ordinary ABIRIBA men and women to shun their differences for a course that is bigger than us. NDE ABIRIBA, be assured that once NDE ABIRIBA set a common goal with timeline, they will achieve it.