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By Admin on May, 22 2017

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1: Wednesday 05/07/2017: Nkwo Ukwu / Ika-Ama

2: Wednesday 12/07/2017: Afor-Ubi

3: Thursday 13/07/2017: Nkwo Ukwu/ Nkwo Nzukoru

4: Friday: 14/07/2017: Eke Nkwo Ukwu/ Eke Iri-Ama

5: Saturday 15/07/2017: Orie Afor-Nso /Orie Itu-Eye

6: Sunday 16/07/2017: Afor-Nso/ Igbapu Uso Iriama/ Ibu Manyi

7: Monday 17/07/2017 : Nkwo Nta /Ibu Manyi/Wedding

8: Tuesday 18/07/2017 : Eke. - Burials

9: Wednesday 19/07/2017: Orie . - Burials

Signed by the Enachioken-In-Council.

My good people of Abiriba home and abroad. For peace to reign in Abiriba and in order to accord the highly exalted stools of the kings of Abiriba their due respect, please let everyone follow this calendar and dates which I believe they always release ahead of time.

The Ezes of Abiriba brings out this harmonized calendar every year and on time in conjunction with the council of chiefs to guide activities in Abiriba for the next calendar year. So, these dates should be adhered to.It will not pay anyone any good to go contrary to these dates while fixing occasions.

These dates are always brought out on time to avoid conflict or confusion among those who wishes to fix their occasion dates.Therefore, anyone who allows his/her canopy(ies) to be pulled down by force by the Uke Igwa Mang or Uke Ji Agbala should be considered a trouble-maker and disrespectful to the Enachionen-In-Council.

So, if anyone or group has any occasion within the stipulated time frame ,please such a person(s)are advised to check the days and dates very well in order to pick occasion dates that will be good for them and their guest.SPREAD THE NEWS AND DATES UNDER ONU KPAIRI IBE YA.

God bless the Enachioken-In-Council.God bless every Abiriba sons and daughters all over the world.