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By admin on November, 25 2014

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In the beginning, at the creation, God saw the futility and vacuum created by the loneliness of the man and He moved immediately to solve it. God said: “... It is not GOOD that man should be alone…” and He began to form every beast of the field and every fowl of the air, to see if they would solve the need of man. Alas, all of them failed. The man rejected them. Gen.2:18-20.

Then from God’s creative ingenuity came the woman. True, God took His time to create the man in order to make him a specimen, but worthy of note is that in the case of the woman God needed an extra time. In fact, it seemed God’s time was not enough so He needed to take the time of the man by putting him to a deep sleep in order to fashion and decorate this jewel of unquantifiable beauty – The Woman.

My father, Elezuo Otisi Orji (of blessed memory) taught me sometime, that the woman folk came to fill up four major holes of loneliness for the man. I call these areas CHANNELS OF HELP:

  1. They are our DAUGHTERS.
  2. They are our SISTERS.
  3. They are our WIVES.
  4. They are our MOTHERS.


Without doubt, no average man feels completely whole without most or all of these. However, it is possible to live through live without one or more of these channels of help; so many are on earth today without a sister, without a wife and without a daughter. There are multitudes today that do not know their fathers, but there is no man on earth that exists today without a mother. So, motherhood can be said to be the peak of the assignment of the womanhood. As a matter of fact, motherhood is the peak of the assignment of life.


Indeed, the influence of mothers on our lives is too valuable to calculate, and the ripples of that influence through the society and the generations are inestimable. There is no great destiny that has emerged without a great mother. My mother played a very significant role in my life, whatever it is today. The making or marring of any destiny is greatly determined by the influence of motherhood on them. Most great and distinguished mothers today were small children of great and responsible mothers yesterday. That means, in every girl-child there is a potential mother.


Therefore, becoming, not just a mother but a MODEL MOTHER must become the vision of every mother today. That is, an exemplary mother; a mother worthy of emulation in character and strength. A ROLE MODEL MOTHER! Until we have role models as mothers, change for the better in our society and generations will only be a pipe dream. The need to raise, groom and train the girl-child to become a positively influential mother tomorrow becomes a task that must not be overlooked but pursued with zeal and passion.


However, the journey to the making of a model mother starts with the accurate Understanding and undertaking of the Role of the Mother by both the existing mothers and the potential mothers that is the Girl-Child. There must be a redefinition of the art of motherhood.



  1. A model mother is not just a CHILD-BEARER; she is a CHILD-REARER.

In Africa today we celebrate child bearing more than the rearing but this must not be so. There must be a paradigm shift in our thinking.

  1. A model mother is not the woman who has a lot of children at home; she is the woman that is committed to the care and raising of every child around her world. She is a TEACHER and a TRAINER.
  2. Again, a model mother is not the wonderfully and gorgeously dressed woman so elegant to behold; she is the one who has contributed to the elegance of their world.
  3. A model mother is a mother of positive influence to her society. She is a world changer.
  4. A model mother is not just “ORIAKU” or “ODOZIAKU”; rather she is “O SO DI YA AKPA AKU”. She is a partner not a slave. She is a woman of value that has something to offer.
  5. A model mother is not a married woman; rather she is the woman that is engaged in MOTHERING – that is the act of CARING FOR and PROTECTING CHILDREN or OTHER PEOPLE.

-          If you are not MOTHERING PEOPLE then you may be MURDERING THE WORLD.

  1. Finally, a model mother is a woman determined to ADD VALUE to life and leaves a LEGACY of POSITIVE CHANGE and IMPACT both in her society and in her generation.



  1. We must engage in the SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT of our women-folk.

-          Except God builds, the builders build in vain – Ps.127:1-2.

-          It is time to begin to empower the girl-child and the women-folk in general with life-applicable and life-transforming TEACHINGS from our ALTARS that will motivate them into action and turn them to ROLE MODELS.

-          We must inculcate the FEAR OF THE LORD in the girl-child by continuous and undaunted moral instructions; for PRAISE belongs only to those that fear the Lord – Prov.31:30.

  1. We must promote the MENTAL DEVELOPMENT of our women-folk.

-          Let us advertise education and ensure that our folks are helped to attain it. Scholarships should be encouraged.

-          We have to create an enabling environment for personality development of our women-folk through healthy relationships and interactions for the restoration of their dignity – Prov.13:20; 1 Cor.15:33.

-          We must partner with them in the affairs of life and assign them to responsibilities that will stir their mental prowess making them diligent. They must not be left behind – 1Pet.3:7.

  1. We must provoke the hunger for ACQUISITION AND DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS.

-          Spirited individuals should be encouraged to sponsor and host programs for acquisition and development of the God-given talents of the girl-child as this will create a room of value for them – Prov. 18:16; 2 Tim.1:6.

-          Those ahead should draw the others along. People in great positions should seek to position the others, and those behind should follow relentlessly until we all arrive at the unity of faith.


In closing, the woman is the best gift given to the man. That she turned out to be the undoing of man is only as a result of the irresponsibility of man. But the truth still remains that no gift can be greater to man than this motherhood gift in a woman. If stirred well it will surely be beneficial to us, and to the society at large. Let us all take responsibility so that we would be greatly MOTHERED and NOT MURDERED.


Return from here today as a MOTHER OF INFLUENCE and a ROLE MODEL so that your MARKS will be left in the SANDS OF TIME, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!



God bless you greatly! Jesus is Lord!